Monday, July 30, 2007


Baywood Scenes [cross-viewing]

[NOTE: red/cyan ANAGLYPH versions of the following CROSS-VIEWING stereo pairs are featured in the previous post.]

Here's how to view CROSS/CONVERGENT stereo pairs in 3-D without glasses:

1) Click on images to enlarge

2) View stereo pairs straight on and from a distance of about 2-feet from your screen.

3) Cross or converge your eyes a bit until you see three virtual images. [NOTE: If you don't cross or converge your eyes enough, you will likely see only the original two images. If you cross or converge your eyes too much, you may see four images.]

4) With all three images in your line of sight, hold focus on all three while gazing upon the center of the three images. It will suddenly appear fully three-dimensional.

If at first you don't succeed, be patient and try again. The dimensional rewards are well worth the effort.

Remember: click on images to enlarge.

Kayaks on racks, Pasadena Point, Baywood, California

© Abe Perlstein

Audubon Overlook, Baywood, California
© Abe Perlstein

Accomplished nature photographer, Marlin Harms,
Audubon Overlook, Baywood, California
© Abe Perlstein

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