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Scenes from a Stereo Club of Southern California meeting.

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog.While I normally post 3-D stereo images only, for this post, I'd like to share a selection of 2-D pics along with a pair of 3-D anaglyph video clips. Make sure to see a selection of new anaglyphs and cross-viewing pairs in the next post.

But first, a short story about having been introduced to stereo photography.

In 1991, after ten years of staring at a small blue invitation posted on my bulletin board promoting monthly meetings of The Stereo Club of Southern California, I decided it was now or never. I had no idea what to expect, but figured it would likely be a audiophiles pawing over stereo equipment.

I walked into the room and instead of stereo audio equipment laid out for all to see, a group of mostly middle aged and older men and a few women were setting up an antiquated 1950's era twin-lens stereo slide projector. For better or worse, the next two hours completely changed my life.

Up until that evening, I had not yet experienced stereoscopic photography other than 3-D Viewmaster reels or a handful of 3-D comics and feature films. The images floored me visually and emotionally. I knew right then and there stereo photography was to be my life's work.

Seventeen years and many projected competition exhibitions and special showings later, my passions for 3-D photography have only intensified. As a fine art and commercial artist I feel I am on the cusp of breaking from near total obscurity out into or at least approaching the mainstream.

In February 2007, long time Stereo Club member, 3-D comics publisher, and expert in all things 3-D, Ray Zone suggested I present a special program for the March 15th, 2007 meeting. It had been quite a while since I had projected images for the group and I enthusiastically agreed to compile a 30-minute 17-year retrospective of my favorite work.

My lady love, Pat May and I (see self-portrait above) drove down from the Central Coast with a 100-view show in hand. On the bill were landscapes, aerials, wildflowers, architecture, scenes and behind-the-scenes from two-decades of shooting feature film and television productions, female nudes in wild and scenic settings, and action views of birds and other life forms culled from the Morro Bay National Estuary Stereo Photo Survey, a 15-month documentary overview featuring the life forms and habitats of this ultra-rarefied natural resource. All in all, the evening went exceptionally well and the audience was most receptive.

It was gratifying to be amongst old friends and stereo media contemporaries.
The following photos are scenes from the evening's activities.

For the first time on any floor, a pair of anaglyph sneakers....

...modeled by the King of 3-D comics and 3-D historian, Mr. Ray Zone.

Check out Ray's website at:

Despite nursing a flu bug, past SCSC President, Philip Steinman was in fine form. I should add that Philip has gone way beyond the call of duty over the past seven years handling my mailed-in club competition slide entries. Thank you, again, Philip!

Pat and I in a trance during the projected club competition exhibition. Just so you'll know, Pat saves lives every day as a respiratory therapist working in the emergency room of a central coast hospital. It was a thrill introducing Pat to the 3-D community. I can't thank Pat enough for being such a nurturing and supportive friend these past five months. Pat's great in both 2-D and 3-D!

Oliver Dean...slightly over-sharpened (sorry, Oliver!). Oliver has shot many incredible 3-D views over the years and is the club expert on mounting slides, as well as being a most positive force within the group.

Self-portrait with Lady Laurie Buckley and Pat May.

Laurie is the esteemed daughter of legendary American humorist, Lord Buckley.

Learn more about Lord Buckley at:

John Rupkalvis, a legend in the international stereo media community and one of the most prolific stereo camera systems engineers and inventors ever. I was in the process of loading slide trays for the presentation.

Seated from left to right in the 1st row are:

1) Current National Stereoscopic Association (NSA) President, and former SCSC President, Lawrence Kaufman; 2) my friend and film/television Art Department pro, Matt Caetano; 3) Pat May;

Seated left to right in the 2nd row are:

1) ?; 2)?; 3) Jeff Kleiser, President and Co-Founder of Kleizer/Walzcak http://www.kwcc.com/index_archival.html
one of Hollywood's premium animation houses; 4) Dave Gregory, Producer/Director with Galaxie Entertainment; and 5) John Rupkalvis.

The assembled multitudes awaiting the projected portion of the evening.

Myself and Laurie Buckley standing by the twin stereo projection system.

Photo by Pat May.

My buddy, Matt Caetano and I doing the gangster version of the 3-D sign...well, sorta...

Photo by Pat May.

Self-portrait with Lawrence Kaufman, current National Stereoscopic Association President and past President of the Stereo Club.

For more information on the National Stereoscopic Association, log on to:


Self-portrait with John Rupkalvis as we share a light-hearted moment at the tail end of the evening.

Past SCSC President, Susan Pinsky and current SCSC President, Jeff Amaral showcaing the latest issue of Stereoscopy, the publication of the International Stereoscopic Union. Susan's fine work and that of other club members were featured in the latest issue.

To learn more, log on to:

Internationaly recognized 3-D moguls, David Starkman and Susan Pinsky clown around about something or other. Jeff Amaral in background.

Past SCSC President, Susan Pinsky and current SCSC President, Jeff Amaral showcaing the latest issue of Stereoscopy, the publication of the International Stereoscopic Union.

To learn more about the Stereo Club of Southern California, log on to:


As is traditional after many an SCSC meeting, many of the group hang out and eat some fine food at Pipers Restuarant, continuing lively discussions on all things 3-D.

Left to right: Dave Gregory, Andy Parke, (?), Eric Kurland, Ray Zone, Ed Ogawa, and Tom Koester

Many thanks go out to Jim Long http://www.jim3dlong.com who shot the following short 3-D anaglyph clip. You'll need a pair of red/cyan-tinted 3-D glasses and a darkened room to get the full effect.

What? You don't have your own pair? No worries.

To get a FREE pair:

Send a self-addressed first-class stamped envelope to:

Rainbow Symphony, Inc.
6860 Canby Avenue/#120
Reseda, CA. 91335

...along with a note inside stating:
"That's right! Send me a FREE sample pair of red/cyan anaglyph glasses so I can check out all those cool 3-D views posted on www.Abes3dworld.blogspot.com. Thank You!"

Your free pair of glasses should arrive within a week of being received by Rainbow Symphony.

Additionally, a big thank you goes out to SCSC member and 3-D videographer,
Tom Koester for shooting and editing the following anaglyph 3-D video short subject of what typically goes on at a Stereo Club meeting. You'll also be treated to action shots of Yours Truly loading 35mm slide trays into the club's twin-projector rig. Once again, you'll need a pair of red/cyan glasses to experience the 3-D effect. Enjoy!

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