Monday, July 30, 2007


Baywood Scenes [anaglyphs]

[NOTE: CROSS/CONVERGENT STEREO PAIRED versions of the following ANAGLYPH stereo pairs are featured in the next post.]

For best results, view these anaglyph images under greatly subdued lighting with red/cyan-tinted 3-D anaglyph glasses. For a FREE sample pair:

Send self-addressed first-class stamped envelope with note stating:
"Please mail one sample pair of red/cyan anaglyph glasses to afford viewing 3-D views on Thank You!' to:

Rainbow Symphony, Inc.
6860 Canby Avenue/#120
Reseda, CA. 91335

Your free sample pair of glasses should arrive within a week of being received by Rainbow Symphony.

ATTENTION 3-D purists:

You may opt to view CROSS/CONVERGENT-viewing versions of these anaglyph pairs in the very next post. Cross/convergent-viewing stereo pair versions are presented in true color. While ANAGLYPH versions of stereo views seen via red/cyan glasses are ideal and relatively easy for individuals new to stereo images presented online or in print, stereo pair
s viewed by the naked eye via the cross-convergent viewing technique---as explained at the head of the next post
---are a superior viewing experience.

Glasses-free autostereoscopic screens, electronic shutter glasses technologies, and 3-D books featuring stereo pairs viewed with a built-in pair of binocular enlarging lenses provide true-color viewing. However, to please the majority of visitors to Abe's 3-D World, anaglyph and cross-viewing stereo pairs are the featured formats

Remember: click on images to enlarge.

Kayaks on racks, Pasadena Point, Baywood, California
© Abe Perlstein

Audubon Overlook, Baywood, California
© Abe Perlstein

Accomplished nature photographer, Marlin Harms,
Audubon Overlook, Baywood, California
© Abe Perlstein

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