Saturday, December 24, 2005


Africa? Egypt? Mars? How about ...Oceano?

Click on this convergence/cross-eye viewing stereo pair to enlarge. Then, from two-feet or more away and at eye level to your screen, cross or converge your eyes until the pair of images morphs into three. Stare at the center 3-D.

The Pismo Dunes Preserve---located in Oceano, California---is a five-mile-long series of undulating sand set within an 18-mile sand dune system from Pismo Beach on the north end to Point Sal down south. Bordered by housing, an RV park, fresh water dune lakes, an offroad vehicle recreation area (feh!), and the Pacific Ocean, stroll barefoot through the wind sculpted dunes and stand in awe of nature's art. This is surrealism times ten.
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