Friday, November 25, 2005


My new 3-D blog . . . How to get your free pair of 3-D glasses!


My name is Abe Perlstein. I'm excited to introduce a showcase for my stereo photography work
, effectively placing you, the viewer, in the picture.

Thanks to Ray "3-D" Zone who shot this wonderful portrait (at left).

Throughout this blog you will often have two stereoscopic 3-D viewing options:

Glasses-free cross/convergence viewing or anaglyph viewing via red/cyan tinted eyewaer.

Here's how to view cross/convergence viewing images with the naked eye:
2. Anaglyph viewing: with a pair of red/cyan-tinted anaglyph glasses: If you don't already have a pair laying around the house from a 3-D film or magazine article, here's how to get your very own FREE pair:

Send a self-addressed 1st-class-stamped envelope to:

Rainbow Symphony

6860 Canby Avenue/#120

Reseda, CA. 91335

Enclose a note stating, "Wow! I can't wait to see in 3-D! Please send a free sample pair of your red/cyan anaglyph glasses in the self-addressed-stamped envelope provided. Thank You."

In less than a week you should receive a free pair.

Best RegarD-D-Ds,

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